Monkey Tools

From Table or Range Monkey

Article Overview One of the things we have been asking the Excel team to do for a long time is give us the ability to provide a table name during the creation process.  This is particularly important when using the Get Data From Table/Range feature, as this feature creates a generic table (or dynamic array) […]

Customize the Monkey Tools Tab

We can customize the Monkey Tools Tab to ad existing Excel commands to it

Why Customize the Monkey Tools Tab? The Monkey Tools ribbon was designed with one goal in mind – to make you more efficient when building queries and/or data models. A big part of that was building a central ribbon tab which would minimize tab-switching in order to get your job done.  But what if you […]

Biblio Monkey

Article Overview If you’ve worked with Excel for any length of time, chances are pretty good that you have some favourite Power Queries, DAX Measures, VBA, or formulas. And if you are like many users, you store those in a Notepad document for easy copying and pasting. Biblio Monkey aims to change that for you, […]

Submitting Error Logs

Process Overview The most likely reason you are at this page is because you have been directed here after logging a bug report, and we have requested an error log to nail down where our monkeys are messing about. While we wish you didn’t have to do this, we very much appreciate your willingness to […]

Installation and Activation Issues

Article Overview While we hope that Monkey Tools installs easily and keeps running, the reality is that software is a complicated thing, and sometimes things break. This article is intended to capture the most common issues that can occur, and provide solutions to get you (back) up and running as quickly as possible. This article […]

Options Monkey

Global Options controlled by the Options Monkey include legacy PivotTable buttons, show the user interface in Free mode, Disable Enhanced Query Metadata Analysis and Error Logging

Article Overview What is an application with Options? Monkey Tools is no difference, and we have a specific Options Monkey to help you control them all.  This article discusses how this particular Monkey works, as well as explains what some of the options actually do. The Options Monkey’s Version Tab Version Info In this section, […]

Export Model Data

Coming Soon! Sorry, but this article isn’t quite ready yet. We promise that we’re working on it! In the mean time, we did feature this in the May 2022 “What’s New in Monkey Tools” video published on YouTube which you can watch below: Share: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Related Posts

Export Model Components

Coming Soon! Sorry, but this article isn’t quite ready yet. We promise that we’re working on it! In the mean time – until we get this article updated – there is some documentation on this feature in our legacy Install and Features Guide. Download our Legacy Install & Features Guide Finding this feature… This feature […]

Import Monkey

Coming Soon! Sorry, but this article isn’t quite ready yet. We promise that we’re working on it! In the mean time – while you wait for us to write up the full article – you may want to check out the demo that Ken did of this feature on Reid Havens webcast. It is available […]

Connection Monkey

Article Overview The Connection Monkey is your one stop shop in order to connect to the various Excel workbooks or Power BI models that Monkey Tools can analyze. While many of Monkey Tools forms will automatically connect to the active workbook by default when opened, there are times you may wish to connect Monkey Tools […]