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Managing Your Subscription

Article Overview

One of the things that frustrates us as software users is when it is hard to figure out how to cancel, change or update your subscription or payment information. We’re hoping that this article will help make this process clear and seamless for you. Specific topics we will look at here include:

  • Accessing your Monkey Tools account
  • Managing your subscription
  • Changing your payment method
  • Cancelling your subscription
  • Switching from one Pro subscription term to another

Let’s get started!

Accessing your Monkey Tools account

Step 1: Request access

Monkey Tools is sold and distributed via FastSpring. There is no username or password that you need to remember, you just have to request access to your account, and provide the email associated with your purchase.

You may request access to your account via any of the following methods:

  • Via the button in the Options Monkey form
  • Via the Account link in this site’s menu bar
  • By clicking here

Enter the email associated with your purchase, and you’ll receive an email from the Excelguru web store that looks like the email shown here.


Step 2: Access your orders

Once you receive the email, click the personalized “Click here to manage your orders” link, and you’ll be taken straight in to your Orders page.

Notice that this page displays:

  • Your product license key
  • A link to your order (tax) invoice

Managing your Subscription

Once you are in the Account portal, you can find all of your subscriptions in the Subscriptions tab:


This section allows a few different options for subscription management. Expand the title on the right for the subject of interest:

To update your method of payment, click Manage -> Update payment method. At that point you’ll be ablet to add or update the payment method associated with the subscription.

To do this, click Manage -> Cancel Subscription.

Once done, you will not be billed further, and your Monkey Tools software will revert to a Free license after the current subscription has expired.

By default, each Monkey Tools license can be installed on up to 3 computers for a single user.

If you would like to adjust your subscription to increase (or decrease) the number of user licenses, you can do so by clicking the green Manage button -> Modify Subscription. Adjust the quantity and hit Pay Now in order to commit the change.

Changing your Payment Term

Unfortunately, our shopping cart doesn’t provide an easy method to switch from one subscription term to another.

For the purposes of this article, we will assume that you’d like to change your Pro license from a Monthly subscription to an Annual subscription. The process to do this is:

Before you do this, however, please read the Heads Up note on payment term changes. If you have any questions about this, please Contact Us before you make the change.



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